For parties, meetings, lunches and dinners order by the tray. All of our sauces and pastas are homemade and delicious.

Homemade pasta ready to eat
Hot trays Small Large
Lasagna Bolognese34.0065.00
Lasagna Verde34.0065.00
Tortellini meat In tomato sauce34.0065.00
Cheese tortellini In rose sauce34.0065.00
Meat ravioli In tomato sauce34.0065.00
Cheese ravioli Light cream pesto Sauce34.0065.00
Meat cannelloni In tomato sauce34.0065.00
Cheese manicotti In tomato sauce34.0065.00
Penne all’arrabiatta In our delicious spicy Tomato sauce30.0060.00
Penne alla volka Bacon and green onions In rose sauce38.0070.00
Fettuccine Ortolana With chicken and mushroom In cream sauce45.0085.00
White gnocchi In tomato sauce38.0070.00
Rigatoni alla sabatino’s38.0070.00
Capellini putanesca38.0070.00
Spaghetti pomodoro With fresh basil30.0060.00

Meats (with our delicious sauce created by our chefs)
Hot trays Small Large
Veal parmigiana45.00110.00
veal pizzaiolo45.00110.00
Veal al limone45.00110.00
Chicken parmigana45.00110.00
Grilled chicken breast45.00110.00
In lemon sauce45.00110.00
Chicken rosmarine45.00110.00

Hot trays Small  
Grilled salmon (with roasted garlic And fish sauce)60.00 
Filet of sole ( with capers and Fish sauce) 55.00 

Hot trays Small(6-9)  
Risotto con mushroom (Porcini and Portobello)50.00 
Risotto di mare (in tomato sauce)60.00 

Salads (served with homemade dressing )
Hot trays Small(6-9) Large(20-22)
Cesar salade30.0050.00
Greek salade34.0055.00
Mixed salade27.0040.00
Spinach salade(saulteed mushroom with Goat cheese on top)30.0050.00

Side orders
Hot trays Small(6-9) Large(20-22)
Grilled veggie40.0075.00
Steamed veggie35.0070.00
Chicken fingers And fries30.0060.00
Homemade roasted Potatoes30.0060.00
Homemade Mushed Potatoes 30.0060.00
Steamed rice (carrots and peas)30.0060.00

Hot trays of sandwich
Hot trays Small(6-9) Large(20-22)
Veal cutlett40.00100.00
Chicken cutlett40.00100.00
Steak sandwich40.00100.00

Cold sandwich platterserves(6-9)55.00

Sandwich with assortment of cold cuts and cheese in marble Rye Whole wheat multigrain and with breads accompanied by spicy olives and pickels

Gourmet cheese
serves (16-20)95.00

Cheese platter an assortment of cheese including Asiago Cheddar, parmigana, gorgonzola, blue cheese, havarti and goat cheese.

Delivery Service
- All food and additional items will be delivered to your home or event location and set up by our staff.* 

* Delivery charge and gratuities may apply.